Quick Introduction To Minimalist Running Shoes

This article was last updated Saturday, November 26, 2011

For decades people have been used to running and performing heavy walking with a great deal of padding on their feet. It really has been instilled in the minds of the people that solid padding will prevent any problems for the feet and legs. Lately however, this belief has been questioned by the emergence of growing evidence on the benefits associated with minimalist running shoes. The fascination of us on this specific subject matter was perchance been increased by the Best Selling novel of Runner McDougall's Born to Run. In the book, he was able to strongly picture the culture of Mexico's Tarahumara Indians who are able to cover countless miles running quickly wearing only slim sandals.

Minimalist Running: an overview

Since the world began our ancestors and forefathers had wandered and ran either barefooted or clad only with thin flip flops made from dead animal's skin. Even though they hunted and ran after their prey they pretty much wore absolutely nothing on the soles of their feet. Yet they were as fast and agile as the Tarahumara Indians tend to be. With the creation of athletic shoes however, folks have stopped running with barely clad feet. Walking and running today demands encasing our feet in greatly padded shoes which are supposed to avoid injury. With the wearing of inflexible sneakers however, people's gait had also changed. This new gait that people formulated from wearing rigid footwear makes them prone to injury with regards to running.

The concept driving minimalist jogging rests on the groundbreaking concept that "less footwear is better" as manifested possibly by the Tarahumara Indians. It is the belief of the fanatics of minimalist running shoes that running nearly barefoot or with only minimal feet protecting actually rewards our feet, as well as our bodies health-wise.

Advantages of using Minimalist Running Sneakers

You may speculate how could wearing shoes that have very slim soles that you would seem to be practically walking without footwear, would benefit your own well-being? More so once you opt to wear those bizarre-looking toe sneakers that would undoubtedly make heads turn? Particularly minimalist running will certainly yield the following:

Because minimalist running footwear have small top covering, a reduced amount of arch support and virtually no heel-to-toe drop, it allows for the shift to a fore or mid-foot landing, rather than the heel which is most often than not very painful.

Minimalist jogging shoes are light-weight, flexible and have a large toe box which allows your toes to spread upon landing thus building a more effective step and shorter running pace which reduces the effect of impact.

By jogging on minimalist running sneakers, your feet's muscles are actually strengthened and your figure is enhanced through as your body get used to it.

Wearing minimalist running shoes has actually its incentives which are scientifically proven. Experiments said that by aiding you to imitate the gait of a barefooted jogger who lightly lands on his mid or forefoot, minimalist running footwear will allow you to enhance your physical running form, hypothetically reduce injuries and makes you run effectively and quicker.

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